Milo Juráni (1987)

Milo Juráni

He graduated in nature and landscape protection from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, and in theory and criticism of theatre art at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is a regular contributor of reviews for various journals, for example, .týždeň, kød, occasionally also the Czech SAD (World and Theatre). He also works as an author and editor of the internet magazine mloki.sk. He has collaborated with the editors of several festival papers at Slovak and Czech theatre showcases, served as a member of the dramaturgy board of the Nová Dráma/New Drama festival, and hosted the critical platform of the Touches and Connections festival. He has worked on the show Divadelný týždenník (Theatre Weekly) and Divadelný zápisník (Theatre Notebook) for Slovak Radio and Television’s radio station Devín. Between 2017 an 2018, he spent a study visit at the Department of Theatre Studies at Ruhr-Universität in Bochum, Germany, where he focused on the interconnection between theatre and ecology. In addition to his job at the Theatre Institute, he is also a doctoral student at the Department of Theatre Studies at the Academy of Performing Arts.

Expert editor

Barbora Forkovičová (1991)

Barbora Forkovičová

A graduate of Department of Theatre Studies of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (bachelor's degree) and Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (master's degree). During her master studies, she spent a year at Academy for theatre, radio, film and television in Ljubljana, Slovenia as a part of Erasmus+ programme. Barbora focuses mainly on theatre criticism. In the past, her articles were published on online platforms such as mloki.sk, Taneční aktuality and Cirqueon. She used to publish various articles and interviews as an editor of several festival papers (mainly for festivals Divadelní Flora in Olomouc, Czech republic and Dotyky a spojenia, Martin, Slovakia).

Expert editor

Martina Mašlárová (1988)

Martina Mašlárová

A graduate and current PhD student at the Department of Theatre Studies of the Academy of Performing Arts. She spent one semester at the Lietuvos Teatro ir Muzikos Akademija in Vilnius, Lithuania. Since the beginning of her studies, she has continually worked as a theatre critic and published her reflections in Slovak and international journals, daily newspapers and festival diaries. Her diploma thesis on post-1989 theatre criticism in Slovakia won the Award of the Rector of the Academy of Performing Arts. In addition to her being an editor of the kød journal, she has worked as an editor of the mloki.sk webzine and is an active member of the MLOKi civic association. At the Academy of Performing Arts, she is in charge of the school magazine Reflektor. As a member of the Slovak centre of AICT, she cooperates with the Monitoring of Theatres project and contributes to the radio show Divadelný zápisník (Theatre Diary). As a member of the dramaturgy board, juror or curator, she has cooperated with such festivals as Nová dráma/New Drama, Touches and Connections, or Divadelná Nitra. Since 2010, she has worked as a jury member at non-professional theatre events. Occasionally, she translates to and from French and English.