Classics in the Graphic Novel

A pilot model of new high school culture education through graphic novels

Drama is both literary genre and performing source material. The essence of dramatic writing is a dialogue – an exchange of opinions among dramatic figures, characters, between an author and a reader, among actors and audience. Through dialogue antagonisms are created, expressed and calmed, harmonies established, differences accepted, interpersonal relations formed, fundamental human and personal truths about the world and his/her position and role in the world expressed, … Since its beginnings in the antique Greece drama has been a place of ideological contemplation on fundamental human values and interpersonal relations.

In 2019–2023, Slovenian Theatre Institute with partners from Poland (Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute, Warsaw) and Slovakia (Theatre Institute, Bratislava) coordinates the project Classics in the Graphic Novel: A pilot model of new high school culture education through graphic novels. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

The core concept of the project

Three European partners chose three canon European dramas – three European drama classics. Three visual artists, graphic novel authors in collaboration with students from three high schools realize selected canon dramas in graphic novels. Each drama-graphic novel will be available in Slovene, Polish and Slovak language. Based on the developed graphic novels and together with artists, students and teachers at partners’ creative residencies, partners will develop a pilot model of innovative cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary culture and art education in high school. The theatre heritage and history of staging of selected dramas in partner countries will be presented to the international stage with an e-exhibition.

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