PQ 2023

Prague Quadrennial 2023

The 15th year of PQ is turning into a performative festival with the theme of RARE. It is mainly about human contact, a direct and real meeting face-to-face, which is suddenly so RARE, UNIQUE, AND SPECIAL. It is this human, personal, simple, vulnerable, intimate level, where art is born.

PQ 2023 would like to create a space to share UNIQUE art, UNIQUE and SPECIFIC scenography, that is inspired by materials, original artistic processes and innovations, which are influenced by the environment, location, and genius loci they are created in. In the current situation, full of uncertainty and great changes, PQ calls on theater artists to use their UNIQUE creativity to share their ideas about a post-pandemic world, theater, culture, and their next vision of the future.

This will become a UNIQUE moment, using imagination and creativity, to create an environment that will bring new life not only to PQ 2023, but will continue to resonate. After this long time, when people were deprived of the opportunity to meet, the organizers want to seize PQ 2023 as a RARE opportunity to escape from the virtual space to the real world and fully focus on the UNIQUE ability of scenography to create a real, immersive and tangible experience.


Home is warmth - We look for it, we create it, we live it

Slovak exposition changing in time and space. Shall we find our home and create it out of matter that we thoroughly alter?

The cube was once whole. From corner to corner, its volume was filled with matter, with omnipresent silence and timelessness. However, this silence was not eternal. The cube was discovered by a nearby life and penetrated its cold and solid mass. The cube felt an original warmth. It did not want to lose the warmth, so it treated it with love and gratitude. It was allowed to open nooks and spaces to move and change. It was allowed to mine and take away from the body of the cube. Bit by bit, cavity by cavity, the cube managed to become a home. Inside, it was talked, breathed, and made love with warmth. Each gift expanded the cube. The sacrifice created new spaces. Until the mother mass began to slowly vanish. The cube disappeared and life grew. And once the emptiness will have become too much, the cube will disappear and her beloved life will faithfully follow her.

Authors of the pavilion

DOXA architects – Ing. arch. Tomáš Boroš, ArtD.; Ing. arch. Pavel Bakajsa; Ing. arch. Ondrej Jurčo; Ing. arch. Maroš Mitro; Mgr. art. Michal Machciník ArtD.


Divadlo na Peróne

The Slovak pavilion will be located in the Holešovice Market, at Bubenské nábřeží 306, Prague 7, in Hall no. 13, section number 10.

The exhibition runs from June 8 to June 18, 2023.