Centre for Theatre Research and Education

Centre for Theatre Research and Education

The Centre for Theatre Research and Education is a platform set up by the Theatre Institute in 2007. Its establishment responded to the need of a systematic analysis of theatre in Slovakia (history, theory and criticism, methodology and terminology, tendencies and current state of affairs, support of young researchers). The expert work done at the centre is focused on reviving and making use of the Theatre Institute’s documentation, archives and museum, as well as on cooperation with external research centres in Slovakia and abroad. In addition, the Centre for Theatre Research and Education manages the collaboration between full-time employees of the Theatre Institute and part-time experts, thus creating suitable conditions for high-quality and long-term research cooperation.

The principal mission of the Centre is to foster scientific and research activities in the field of theatre studies, allowing for a transdisciplinary approach and collaboration with other fields of the humanities, thus helping develop theatre studies in Slovakia and incorporate this academic discipline in European research platforms. The Centre for Theatre Research and Education also strives to preserve cultural heritage and to spread it among professionals and the general public.

Decision No. CD-2009-41249/48235-1:11 of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic, dated 9 February 2010, gave the Theatre Institute a Competence Certificate to conduct research and development. The Centre for Theatre Research closely cooperates with the Slovak Ministry of Education and all of its research projects are registered at www.cvtisr.sk.

Because of the scope and nature of the research work conducted by the Centre for Theatre Research and Education, it became an independent department of the Theatre Institute on 1 July 2010 with the aim to professionally coordinate the individual science and research projects. The coordination is performed by the following employees:


Mgr. Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, PhD. – head researcher 
tel.: +421 220 487 800
E-mail: daria.feherova@theatre.sk

Mgr. Miloslav Juráni – researcher
Tel.: +421 220 487 803
e-mail: miloslav.jurani@theatre.sk

Bc. Monika Čertezni – researcher
tel.: +421 220 487 801
e-mail: monika.certezni@theatre.sk

Mgr. art. Martina Daubravová – researcher
tel.: +421 220 487 802
E-mail: martina.daubravova@theatre.sk

Mgr. Dominika Zaťková
tel.: +421 220 487 107
E-mail: dominika.zatkova@theatre.sk

Mgr. art. Jakub Mudrák, ArtD.
tel.: +421 220 487 504
E-mail: jakub.mudrak@theatre.sk

Mgr. art. Veronika Malgot
tel.: +421 220 487 806
E-mail: veronika.malgot@theatre.sk