Antropo(s)céna: Environmentálne problémy, ekologické myslenie a udržateľnosť v slovenskom divadle


Anthropo(s)cene: Environmental issues, ecological thinking, and sustainability in Slovak theatre

The multi-year project is aimed at researching how Slovak theatre (especially as regards its themes and knowledge concerning the activities and operation of theatres) relates to the tendencies in environmental sustainability as well as the approaches in fine arts that address the interaction between humans and nature. In the project, we will focus on two main areas: the ecological and environmental themes in Slovak theatre and the broad possibilities of ecological thinking in theatre practice. 

The project consists of two separate parts. 

The first part – Man in Conflict with Nature: Environmental Issues, Ecological Thinking, and Coexistence with the Natural World in Slovak Theatre –focuses on the past and the present. It is distinctive for its effort to examine the ways in which the interaction between humans and the natural world is reflected in the history of Slovak theatre. This part’s main goal is to initiate research that could highlight how the conflict between man and nature has become embedded in Slovak theatre plays and performing art productions.

The second part is called Sustainability and the Circular Model in the Operation of Slovak Theatres and focuses on the present and the future. In collaboration with external colleagues from partner institutions and Slovak theatres, we aim to explore the potential in the area of environmental sustainability of performing arts. The exchange of know-how between professionals from the environmental sector, Slovak theatres, and the project coordinator will facilitate the planning and implementation of measures to develop low-carbon strategies in theatre operation. This part of the project should allow the leadership and management of theatres to implement green solutions – changes in operation, organization of theatre processes, creation of productions, as well as the post-production phase of the staging process all the way to the derniére.


Partner: Institute of Circular Economy (Bratislava, SR)