Theatre Institute Archive

The Archive of the Theatre Institute, established in 2002, is part of specialised network of public archives in Slovakia. It was funded to facilitate the administration of archived heritage in Slovakia, and to professionalise administration of the extensive volume of archival sources document the work of generations of theatre-makers, a collection that has been acquired by the Theatre Institute over the years. The Archive carries out pre-archival care, receives archival documents from the registry of the Theatre Institute, records documentary entries, preserves them and makes publicly available. Study of the collections and funds follows the Research Regulations of the Theatre Institute Archive.


  • Personal Funds
  • Archived Funds: Theatres and Museums
  • Archived Funds: Other Central Bodies
  • Archived Funds: Publishing and Editorial Houses
  • Archived Funds: Interest Groups
  • Archived Funds: Other Theatre-related Central Bodies
  • Archived Funds: Other Cultural Institutions
  • Collections of Photography, Photographic Negatives and Slides
  • Collections of Posters and Leaflets
  • Other Collections

Personal funds contain, inter alia, such exciting items as patents (awarded to the actor Štefan Figura who constructed declined surface which was part of set design for the distinguishing production of the Slovak National Theatre Na skle maľované/Painted on Glass), love letters from admirers (Gréta Schmidtová, as well as from Mr and Mrs  Ján Borodáč), travel passes (Ján Borodáč, or the one used by Oľga Borodáčová for which she used a photo from performance), diaries – some highly detailed (Ctibor Filčík and Ján Borodáč) and post-mortem face masque (Ctibor Filčík). Further information about archival funds and collections is Brief Guide to the Archive of the Theatre Institute Bratislava. It is available together with access to archive aids also online at the Theatre Institute website.