In 2000, he graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where he majored in theatre direction. In 2002 – 2004, he was the artistic director of the drama department of State Theatre Košice. After the completion of his studies, Lančarič regularly worked with numerous Slovak state-funded as well as independent stages (Slovak National Theatre, ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre, Slovak Chamber Theatre in Martin, Studio L+S). In Europe, he has directed projects and productions in theatres in the Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, England, Holland, Portugal and Switzerland. At present, he works for film, television and radio. He is also interested in non-professional theatre, which he has been observing from the position of a juror at competition showcases. In August 2017, he started working as the artistic director at City Theatre Zlín (Czech Republic) where he already worked in the past as a visiting director.


Description of his work:

Patrik Lančarič’s productions are typical for their elaborate directorial conceptuality that is based on cultivated acting and expressive musicality. The director portrays relationships between characters in subtle contours and with great sensitivity and a focus on detail in acting expressivity. The exceptionality of Lančarič’s directorial style is visible in how sensitively he interconnects the documentary form with drama and how he elaborates his direction using compositional shortcuts and unique musicality. His interest in authenticity in documentary terms is apparent in the most recent biographical productions which he created with his tried-and-true collaborator, dramaturg and playwright Peter Pavlac (productions such as I, BaťaOnce Upon a Time in BratislavaThe Red PrincessEinstein’s Wife). Lančarič and Pavlac have worked in tandem for many years and the titles that have resulted from their collaboration include either Pavlac’s original plays or dramatizations. Recently, they both have shown interest in the destinies of strong female characters, often related to controversial male historical personalities. Such female roles are excellently portrayed by actresses of the middle and older generation (Jana Oľhová as Žo Langerová, or Zita Furková as Galina Brežnevová and Milena Einstein-Marić).

Several of Lančarič’s productions make great use of projection on the stage as well as authentic audio and video material. His tendency to interconnect the screen and the stage is supported by his filmmaking experience. He established himself as a film director with his feature title Interview With the Enemy (2007), based on the literary work by Leopold Lahola. A year later, he directed the documentary Ladislav Chudík (2008) – a portrait of the eminent Slovak actor. Lančarič’s most significant work is the remarkable film project The Edge – 4 Films About Marek Brezovský (2014). His latest production is Válek (2018), dedicated to Slovak poet Miroslav Válek.


List of directed productions:

1998 / Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava / Július Barč-Ivan: The Couple

1999 / Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava / Molière: Don Juan

1999 / JAMU, Brno, Czech Republic / Commedia dell’arte - Matteo Bandello: Pompeio’s Revenge

2000 / Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava / Molière: The Misanthrope

2000 / Studio L+S, Bratislava / Ľubomír Feldek: Yellow Balloon

2001 / State Theatre Košice / Július Barč-Ivan: The End

2002 / Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre / Ľubomír Feldek: Horror in the Gamekeeper’s Lodge

2002 / Studio 12, Bratislava / Peter Pavlac: Deus Ex Machina

2003 / Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava / Tennessee Williams: A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur

2003 / State Theatre Košice / Molière: Don Juan

2003 / State Theatre Košice / Ingmar Villqist: Oscar and Ruth

2003 / State Theatre Košice / Peter Pavlac: 3.3.3.

2004 / State Theatre Košice / Peter Zvon: Dancing Over the Tears

2004 / Thalia Theater Hamburg, Germany / Armin Petras: LearningEurope

(co-production: Schauspiel Frankfurt (Germany), Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana (Slovenia), Lietuvos Nacionalinis Dramos Teatras Villnius (Lithuania), Les teatres de la Ville de Luxembourg (Luxemburg), and the Slovak National Theatre)

2004 / Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava / Armin Petras: Europatalia

2004 / City Theatre Bratislava / Peter Pavlac: FUN(e)junk, Ltd. (Episode I)

2005 / Studio L+S, Bratislava / Peter Pavlac: My Mum Had a Brother

2006 / ASTORKA – Korzo ’90 Theatre / Laco Lučenič: Satisfactory

2006 / LUDUS Theatre, Bratislava / Patrik Lančarič: Enter a Nick

2006 / Theatre Academy of Performing Arts, Prague, Czech Republic / Božena Slančíková-Timrava, Ondrej Šulaj: The Ťapák Clan

2007 / Istropolis, Bratislava / Jonathan Larson: Rent

2007 / Drama Department of the Slovak National Theatre / Peter Pavlac: Partybr(e)akers

2008 / Ján Palárik Theatre, Trnava / Vinko Möderndorfer: Truth Story

2008 / First Theatre Collective, Prague, Czech Republic / Božena Slančíková-Timrava, Ondrej Šulaj: The Ťapák Clan (renewed premiere from 2006)

2008 / ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre / One Day in Europe (no author listed)

(co-production: Meckelenburgisches Staatstheater Schwerin (Germany), Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig (Germany), Teatret Vart Molde (Norway), Teatro O Bando Palmela (Portugal), MUZTHEATER Zaandam (Holand), Pilot Theatre York (GB), VAT teater Tallin (Estonia), Theater Jelenia Góra (Poland), Theater an der Sihl Zurich (Switzerland), The Experimental Stage of St. Petersburg (Russia))

2009 / ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre / Peter Pavlac: The Red Princess

2009 / Ballet of the Slovak National Theatre / Pavol Hammel, Mário Radačovský, Patrik Lančarič: Everest

2010 / ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre / Bjørnar Teigen: Red, White and Blue – Bjørnson and Černová

2011 / Theatre Under Deck, Bratislava / Alessandro Baricco: Novecento – The Legend of a Pianist

2012 / Theatre Under Deck, Bratislava / Peter Pavlac: Clowns in Hell

2013 / ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre / Peter Pavlac: My Mum Had a Brother (renewed premiere from 2005)

2014 / City Theatre Zlín, Czech Republic / Hugo Vavrečka, Peter Pavlac: Agent Francis in the Service of Sherlock Holmes

2014 / ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre / Marie Jones: Stones in His Pockets

2014 / ASTORKA Korzo ’90 Theatre / Peter Pavlac: Einstein’s Wife

2014 / Theatre Under Deck, Bratislava and Cultural Centre Pezinok / Martin Dzurek, Patrik Lančarič, Peter Pavlac, Vladislav Šarišský, Andrej Balco: Composition for 12 Objects and One Empty Space

2015 / Slovak Chamber Theatre, Martin / Žo Langerová: Once Upon a Time in Bratislava

2017 / City Theatre Zlín, Czech Republic / Peter Pavlac: I, Baťa

2017 / City Theatre Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic / Ronald Harwood: The Dresser



Video z inscenácií:

Everest, 2009

archive of the Slovak National Theatre, Bratislava

The video can be found at the following link:


Einstein’s Wife, 2014

archive of the ASTORKA Korzo ´90 Theatre, Bratislava

The video can be found at the following link:


Once Upon a Time in Bratislava, 2015

archive of the Slovak Chamber Theatre Martin

The video can be found at the following link: