Ten Choreographers of Slovak Contemporary Dance

In 2018 the Theatre Institute, in conjunction with the non-profit organisation Dance Prague, and the information, promotion, learning, advisory and research centre Art Institute – Theatre Institute presented an online catalogue entitled A Brief Guide to Slovak Contemporary Dance at the international dance fair The internationale tanzmesse nrw in Düsseldorf.

The catalogue contained a selection of the current works by contemporary Slovak choreographers, featuring the latest contemporary dance productions on Slovak stage. The catalogue served as the vantage point for the follow-up online project entitled Ten Choreographers of Slovak Contemporary Dance.

The catalogue is accessible to the public in Slovak and English at: www.theatre.sk/projekty/10-tvorcov-sucasneho-sk-tanca and www.theatre.sk/en/projects/ten-choreographers-of-slovak-contemporary-dance

By identifying the idiosyncratic inventive elements in the work of these authors, the project presents the diversity of the creative capacity on the home scene of contemporary dance within European context.

The online catalogue Ten Choreographers of Slovak Contemporary Dance captures the work of Slovak contemporary choreographers up to the 2018/2019 theatre season. The content will be further expanded by an additional ten authors, along with an update of the hitherto featured artists.