Call for papers THEATRE IN EXILE

International conference

2023 Nová dráma/New Drama festival

Nová dráma konferencia

Organized by: Theatre Institute in collaboration with the Slovak Centre of AICT

Dates: 18–19 May 2023, Bratislava, Slovakia

Points of departure:

The war in Ukraine, authoritarian political regimes in Belarus, Russia, as well as other countries in the world, all restrict the freedom and work of artists. One of the possible responses to this situation might be inner exile – an open rebellion, a fight against the regime, or, conversely, a total withdrawal into the background. Another option is outer exile – emigration, exile, making art in free democracies. The struggle with a political regime, persecution, leaving one’s home country, loss of social background, adaptation to new life circumstances, as well as other problems related to the life in exile – all these can cause numerous traumas and force the expatriates to make difficult professional, artistic, and life choices. Sadly, just like so often in the past, artists today have to face similar problems as well.

On the other hand, emigration and exile may no longer be a forced reaction to war or adverse economic and political situation in a country. In the era of globalization and multiculturalism, and within the context of theatre and art in general, the word “exile” has acquired entirely new meanings. The possibility of voluntary exile, inner or outer, can provide artists with the opportunity to discover things, interlink, negate, or transform and align artistic traditions of their home country with the traditions of the country of their exile. Voluntary exile and global migration can also be understood as one of the phenomena which influence the current forms of theatre.

On a local level, exile is construed as the possibility to liberate and distance oneself from established art forms and movements, as a shift of theatre from a central place to the periphery, a move from bricks-and-mortar theatres to various industrial and non-theatrical spaces.

The international conference aims to start a discussion and chart the historical as well a contemporary context of theatre and dramatic art in exile. In addition, its seeks to deepen and define the contemporary status of theatre in a globalized world.

We primarily seek contributions that focus on the following research areas from a variety of perspectives, both theoretical as well as those based on artistic practice:

  • Theatre personalities, creators, and groups that have been active in exile;
  • The influence of artists on the exile country and vice versa;
  • Voluntary and involuntary artistic exile;
  • Intercultural influences;
  • Traditions in a new cultural context;
  • Own experience with artistic work in exile;
  • Collaboration with exile authors;
  • Theatres on the periphery.

Submitting conference papers:

  • Please send the conference contribution abstracts (max. 1,000 characters) and a short author’s bio by 15 January 2023 to the following email address:
  • The final selection of conference papers will be made by the Conference Scientific Committee by 15 February 2023.
  • Written conference papers are to be submitted by 15 May 2023.
  • Final versions of the conference papers are to be submitted by 30 June 2023.
  • Selected conference papers (15–20 standard pages) will be included in a bilingual, peer reviewed proceedings with a planned publication date in 2024.
  • Conference organizers will provide international guests with accommodation for three to four nights and, based on realistic options, also a contribution to travel expenses.


Members of the Scientific Committee:

Mgr. Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, PhD., Head of the Centre for Theatre Research and Education, Theatre Institute

Mgr. Mgr. art Miloslav Juráni, PhD., theatrologist

doc. Vladislava Fekete, ArtD., Director of the Theatre Institute

Mgr. Michaela Mojžišová, PhD., theatrologist, Institute of Theatre and Film Research, Art Research Centre of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Chair of the Slovak Centre of AICT


Organizing committee:

Mgr. art. Jakub Mudrák, ArtD., project manager

Mgr. art. Dušan Poliščák

Mgr. art. Anna Šoltýsová

If you have any questions, please contact Mgr. art. Jakub Mudrák, ArtD. at





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