Slovak Drama in Translation - updated

The Slovak Drama in Translation web portal, where you can find dramatic texts by contemporary Slovak playwrights translated into other languages, has received a "refresh".

The project of the Theatre Institute in Bratislava was slightly updated not only in appearance, but also in content.

Here you can now find all the texts from the recently published collection GREEN DRĀMA in English translation by Lucia Faltin, together with the biographies of the fifteen participating authors. This project was initiated by the Theatre Institute in Bratislava in 2018, and in 2020 a collection of 15 plays with an ecological and environmental message was published in Slovak.

There are also three games from the similar project Odes ou farces? dedicated to the relationship between Slovakia and the European Union, which were translated into French in 2016. In the basic part you can search for other plays by Slovak authors from the oldest generation to the middle and youngest generation of playwrights, which are translated into one of the foreign languages ​​(English, French, German, Russian and others).

Slovak Drama in Translation