Call for Paper – Philanthropy In the Performing Arts

Call for Paper

Philanthropy In the Performing Arts

International Conference
Nová dráma/New Drama Festival

Organizer: Theatre Institute in Bratislava

Date: 15 – 16 May 2024

The purpose and the main themes of the conference

Art reflects the past and the present, anticipates the future, and can change the world for the better. Theater artists, as well-known and respected personalities, have the opportunity to influence and motivate the public to think about the positives that scenic art brings to their lives, whether it is a high-quality dramatic text or an extraordinary stage performance. On the other hand, they can motivate the public and involve fellow citizens in socially beneficial activities. Let's think of the recent COVID-19 pandemic or the ongoing war in Ukraine. It was the artists who, thanks to their public media presence, became unofficial spokespeople for organizations that called on citizens to activism. Actors and actresses are often voluntary faces of non-profit organizations helping people with disabilities or homeless. They participate in various activities, educational meetings, and charity events. However, being part of a creative industry, a performing artist, an expert in the field of visual, musical, film, or performing arts, is often seen as an activity beyond paid employment, as a kind sharing of one's talent and knowledge with the public, and that is why today many theater associations are facing a financial crisis. What forms of "good" can scenic art abstract in itself? What is the path from artwork to artistic activism? And what is the status of the artist today?


Thematic circuits

The International Conference on Philanthropy in the Performing Arts wants to open up the topic from multiple perspectives. We welcome contributions on humanitarian theater productions, actions, and interventions, the theater artist as an activist and volunteer, but also the opposite view and positive examples from the practice of artistic philanthropy, sponsorship, donor activities, and organizations supporting the arts:

  • Theater humanitarian practice

  • Theater and drama as a tool of humanitarian practice 

  • Art in the service of charity

  • Supporting arts as a social prestige

  • Forms of private financing of artistic activities

  • Sponsorship Act

  • An influential person as a donor and philanthropist

  • The status of an artist – how to ensure a dignified living

  • Theater maker – a hobby or a full-time job

  • Forms of state support and protection of the professional artist


Registration of conference papers

Please send abstracts of conference papers (max. 200 words) and CVs (max. 100 words) by 31st January 2024 to the email address: The scientific committee of the conference will decide on the acceptance of contributions. You will receive information about the acceptance of the contribution by 15th February 2024. The deadline for sending the finished contribution is 15th May 2024. Selected contributions will be honored and published in a peer- reviewed journal.


Scientific Committee

prof. PhDr. Nadežda Lindovská. PhD., Department of Theater Studies of the Theater Faculty of the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava

assoc. prof. Mgr. art. Vladislava Fekete, ArtD., director of the Theatre Institute in Bratislava

Mgr. Dária Fojtíková Fehérová, PhD., Center for Research and Education at the Theatre Institute in Bratislava

Mgr. Zuzana Ivašková, culture manager and strategist

                Nová dráma 2024/ New Drama 2024