about the project
The new political situation after the 1989 brought about the need for new plays and new issues. The theatres, as well as the audience needed to rebuild the relationship to each other. The next decade meant confirming the status of authors and theatres in terms of new drama, new plays and new theatre. In the mid-1980s, the GUnaGU theatre was established in Bratislava by its house writer and director Viliam Klimáček. He deals with matters he considers to be relevant and problematic in Slovak society, and as one of very few Slovak authors, a reflection of the Slovak past. Together with GUnaGU, theatres SkRAT and STOKA were formed. Their collective plays reflect the actual situation in Slovakia. The plays of Eva Maliti-Fraňová explore the overlapping of dream and reality, the intersection of the past and the present. Iveta Horváthová makes exclusive use of the female experience from the gynocritical point of view. The younger generation of authors is represented by Roman Olekšák, Peter Pavlac, Peter Scherhaufer, Ján Šimko, Michal Ditte. Michaela Zakuťanská is currently one of the youngest authors, her plays are being staged all over the country. They all work as individuals, without unifying poetic or a common theme. The DVD Slovak Drama in Translation (updated edition) presents the work of contemporary Slovak playwrights translated to various languages (English, French, German, Russian, Czech, etc.). It contains the plays of various authors, from the oldest (Ján Solovič, Osvald Zahradník), the middle generation (Viliam Klimáček, Eva Maliti- Fraňová, Anna Grusková, Silvester Lavrík, Iveta Horváthová), to the youngest, but already established authors. The website www.theatre.sk/ slovakdrama/ is constantly updated with new information. The Theatre Institute in Bratislava supports the original plays in many ways. In 2000 the Dráma competition was founded, it is the competition of original dramatic texts in Slovakia. From 2011 the competition also accepts Czech plays. The Nová dráma/New Drama Festival was founded in 2005 as the annual presentation and competition of Slovak and foreign plays on Slovak stages. Translations of new Slovak plays were published in French, English, German and Hungarian languages.