Publishing Department

The Theatre Institute in Bratislava publishes original and translated titles of Slovak and international theatre works, which makes it a prominent Slovak publishing house both in terms of the quality and quantity of the offered titles.

Publishing activities are planned in cooperation with renowned experts in the field of theatre theory and practice. The Theatre Institute’s publishing activities and title approval is managed by an advisory body – the Editorial Board – which is made up of recognized personalities of Slovak theatre and theatre studies (Prof. PhDr. Soňa Šimková, CSc., Prof. PhDr. Zuzana Bakošová, CSc., Mgr. Petr Christov, Ph.D., prof. PhDr. Vladimír Štefko, prof. PhDr. Jana Wild, PhD., doc. PhDr. Nadežda Lindovská, PhD. a Mgr. Ján Šimko).

The Publishing Department closely cooperates with the Theatre Institute’s research experts. For example, the experts of the Department of Documentation, Information and Digitalization are part of the creative team behind such publications as the annual Theatres in Slovakia, Theatre Calendar, or collections of dramatic works of eminent Slovak theatre personalities. When organizing public presentations of new publications and preparing media communication, the Publishing Department’s activities are interconnected with the work of the Projects Department.

All of the Institute’s departments use the expert services provided by the Publishing Department in language corrections and editing when organizing exhibitions or producing captions, flyers, or catalogues.

The Publishing Department collaborates with other Slovak publishing houses (Juga, Slovart, Ikar) and organizations (Academy of Performing Arts, theatres) that publish theatre-related literature.

In addition to publishing activities, the Department also advertises the works it publishes through its own distribution network and the Prospero Information Centre. An important part of the work of the Publishing Department is participation in book fairs and promotion of the Department’s own publications by means of stage readings, productions, presentations, meetings with authors or translators.


Head of the Publishing Department
Mgr. Andrea Dömeová