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On Saturday, 20 November 2010, the Theatre Night (Noc divadiel) took place in Slovakia, bringing productions with the curtain full of stars and exquisite theatre adventures.
For the first time in Slovakia the event took place in 8 towns, 28 theatres, 35 stages, and it brought an eventful programme: productions, discussions with the team of authors, readings, screenings, excerpts from untraditional works, concerts, improvisations, dance performances, songs and scenes from musicals, lights-out with the muse, opened preparation of a production, opening exhibitions, promotion theatre kiosk, staged good-night readings, night operetta, wandering about theatre backstage.

The first year of the Theatre Night had the slogan “Today We Do Not Go Out”, and it was visited by hundreds of people. Walking down the streets this night one might see untraditional things – there were crowds of people leaving theatres. They did not go home but to other theatre, to experience another production.  For theatre professionals this night was the opportunity to let the others to know them. It was the proof of that we should not bee afraid in the night, and especially of theatre.  Another Theatre Night will be held the next year and then every year – every third November Saturday.

The Theatre Night in Slovakia is announced and coordinated by the Bratislava Theatre Institute.

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