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The Studio 12 was founded in December 2001 as an initiative of the Theatre Institute to establish a theatrical place intended for presentation of new Slovak and world’s drama and contemporary art. Dramaturgy of the Studio 12 focuses on spectators interested in contemporary dramatic doings and a broader culture-social context. It offers space to young artists and civic associations who want to carry out their theatrical projects related to Slovak or world’s contemporary drama or authorial work.
The priority of the programme dramaturgy of the Studio 12 are original activities, projects of guest theatres from Slovakia and abroad, workshops, educational programmes, presentation of contemporary drama and finalists of the Drama competition through stage readings of dramatic texts. It is one of the places where the Nová drama / New Drama Festival of contemporary Slovak and world’s drama takes place. From 2006 Studio 12 has been the initiator of educational projects concerning new forms of theatre and contemporary drama with focus on students of primary and grammar schools as well as students of the Academy of Performing Arts.

The Studio 12 organizes various discussions and seminars concerning current issues, presentations of books published by the Theatre Institute and other publishers, concerts and other cultural and social events. It offers its space to several festivals of alternative music (ORFEUS - the student contemporary music festival, New Music Evenings Festival). During its more than a five-years old existence it has collaborated with many theatre and music associations by offering space for presentations of their new works. Supporting of active work of young artists and small community groups such as the theatre of homeless people the Divadlo bez domova (Theatre Without a Home) is one of the main Studio’s priorities.

The architectural space and interior of the Studio 12, originally a recording room of Czechoslovak Radio, is well-preserved and almost in original state. It was built in the 1930s and after the Second World War it was used as a first Slovak film studio. In early 1990s it was a music club known for alternative music gatherings.


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Theatre Institute
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Studio 12

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