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Dancer, performer, pedagogue, choreographer and director Radoslav Piovarči has been working as a professional dance and physical artist for nearly ten years. He has cooperated with several personalities, theatres and companies, for example, Lenka Vágnerová & Company, Artyci Dance Company, Divadlo elledanse, Staatstheatre Kassel, Dance Studio Theatre, Total Brutal Company, VerTeDance, Jana Burkiewicz, Virus Theatre, and so on. Until now, he has worked on over thirty different dance projects, including films and commercials. Since 2010, his work as a choreographer and director has included Munnie (Enfin seuls 2010), HOLD BREATH (elledanse theatre 2012), SET UP (elledanse theatre 2013), DUST© (Liptov Dance Theatre 2015) and the modular-dance project MIMO (OD Dunaj 2017).

He presents his research of current dance systems (which are at the core of his interest) as part of educational activities titled Massive Skills Workshops – there he shares and confronts his knowledge on various international artistic platforms. In collaboration with different kinds of artists, he has actively contributed to visual installations and site specific projects.

In the most recent years, Piovarči has participated in dance-visual installations and projects, especially in collaboration with the civic association TRAKT. In 2016, he attended the multi-genre TEDx conference, where he presented his experience with culture and contemporary dance to the general public. One of his most recent performances is a part of his visual-dance series that was presented on the occasion of the one hundredth anniversary of the independence of Finland (100 SUOMI FINLAND 2017) .


Description of his work:

Radoslav Piovarči’s work has contributed to Slovak contemporary dance with a unique mixture of theatre mystery, crudeness of social and private relationships, comprehensive quality of movement manifestations and civilized expressions in surreal imagery. He interconnects seemingly disjointed elements into a compact message. His detailed feel for the rhythm of movement is apparent in the sensitively paced alternation of images and in their dynamic correlations. The potential of wild and vital energy Piovarči works with is choreographically developed into an original, poetic statement about the tension in today’s world, presented with an animalistic passion and beauty of movement.



MIMO is a modular-dance installation project whose aim is to physically communicate through new forms of interconnections between contemporary dance and digital media. It is captivating owing to its unusual atmosphere reminiscent of post-apocalyptic artistic visions. Expressive artistic means used in an original context, surprising dynamics of energy and movement, and, last but not least, emotional heterogeneity taken to the limits of mental human acrobatics – all these create dance movements with new body images and are a mixture of the paradox of new technologies and “uncontrollable” beings with unexpected reactions.

In this project, Piovarči shows a human being during his transformations on an adventurous journey from a socially desolate area to a new world, where stressful and fast life is monitored by technology. In Piovarči’s view, these factors affect us to such an extent that we no longer perceive the beauty of time. The new paradoxes of the relationship between people and media become apparent in a newly created, subtly weird society. In the production, the contrast between the individual images is enhanced thanks to the alternation of expressive costume elements, which cover a broad range of visual aesthetic approaches. They oscillate between petit bourgeois luxuriousness, cosmic techno look, pop gaiety, conspicuous vulgarity and dignified purism. The audio background follows the same trajectory. Jonatán Pastirčák’s music undergoes a metamorphosis along a precisely set dramaturgical line – its tinges and dynamic elements establish an artistic supplement to the movement action. In extreme concentration, both performers lightly connect the contrasting dance phrases and create their own logic of the action taking place in the inner space of the stage.


Premiere: 9 March 2017, OD Dunaj
Conceived, directed and choreographed by: Radoslav Piovarči
Performers and co-creators: Veronika Čimborová, Jan Lorys (PL)
Visuals and lighting: Lukáš Matejka
Costume design: Veronika Ďurišová
Dramaturgy: Peter Maťo
Music: Jonatán Pastirčák – PJONI
Project assistant: Lucia Krnáčová
Financially supported by: Art Support Fund


Trailer to the production can be found at this link.
Author: Marek Moučka

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