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Choreographer, dancer, pedagogue, dance dramaturg, chief editor of the TANEC (DANCE) magazine, Lucia Holinová is a graduate of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where she majored in dance art – pedagogy of modern dance. She worked for the company Allegro (1986–1990), the Bralen Dance Theatre (1990–1991), and the A dato dance ensemble. She has worked with numerous eminent Slovak and international choreographers and directors, such as Mary Fulkerson, Marjolin Sinke, Milan Sládek, Marta Poláková, Anna Sedlačková, among others. She cooperated dramaturgically with choreographer Šárka Ondrišová on such productions as 4 MEN (Slovak National Theatre 2011), Water on Water (elledanse theatre 2011) and FROST (Bratislava Ballet 2012), as well as with Monika Čertezni on the project Hedy – Solo for One Woman and Two Men (Slovak National Theatre 2017).

In 2014, she established – together with Anna Sedlačková, Daniel Raček and Monika Čertezni – the civic association Late Harvest associating dancers of a mature age. With this association, Holinová collectively choreographed the title Intentional Waiting (elledanse theatre 2014).

In 1996, she assisted with the foundation of the Contemporary Dance Association and the Bratislava in Movement international festival. In 2001–2002, she was the co-author and manager of the project Dance in Arena, as part of which works by Slovak choreographers were regularly produced on the stage of the Aréna Theatre in Bratislava. Between 2010 and 2013, she led the elledanse theatre and dance school. Since 2014, she has worked as the editor-in-chief of the TANEC (DANCE) magazine, a renowned quarterly about dance and movement art. She also regularly organizes dance lessons in the integrated movement theatre LEN TAK TAK (BY THE SKIN OF TEETH), in which dancers dance together and create art together with physically disabled people.


Description of her work:

In her work, Lucia Holinová makes use of the principle of contact-based improvisation and partner work which she perceives in a mutually emancipatory sense. She thus creates the illusion of action and reaction “flowing over”. In her architecturally structured compositions, space becomes another element of cooperation based on partnership. She plays with ways of directing the view and attention of the audience both to the stage unit of the action as well as to the detail of subtle gestures. Her dance and music dramaturgy are strongly interlinked and the central theme of the production often metamorphoses between them. Her collaboration with musicians associated in a group around Vlado Holina endows her art with a poetic charge. The presence of musicians on the stage creates a supporting counterpoint and offers the view of an independent observer and commentator of the dance plot.



A production inspired by Orwell’s novel 1984, which addresses the issue of monitoring people, collecting information and manipulating records, reflects on the civilizational phenomenon of the loss of privacy. The touches between a man (Daniel Raček) and woman (Magda Čaprdová), their looks and gestures are explained by both of them through sediments of patterns within which they have to move. Under social pressure, they reach a difficult stage in their relationship in which they follow one another, chase one another, manipulate each other, touch each other softly, then refuse any kind of contact, hurt each other in indications, react without any clear display of emotions, or their mutual reactions are contradictory. Their trust in shared emotions is unstable, their emotions – under the pressure of uncertainty – are deformed until they reach the stage of cold-blooded attacks. The constant need of control or purposeful handling of information about their inner world take place in the shared space. Its mutable restrictedness has no qualitative effect on the relationship itself, however, physical proximity does not diminish the chasm growing between the two.  The stylistic minimalism of the dancers’ moves reaches its content-related climaxes in a dance gesture that diagnoses the running pathological process of the relationship. The dragging destruction is confronted onstage with the singing of Sandra Tordová and the musical interpretation of Vlado Holina. The music creates a humanizing element that brings hope on the one hand, but emphasized the contrast of the emotional dysfunctionality of the relationship on the other.


Premiere: 19 November 2016, A4 – Space for Contemporary Art
Conceived and directed by: Lucia Holinová
Choreography: Daniel Raček, Lucia Holinová
Performed by: Magda Čaprdová, Daniel Raček, Vlado Holina, Sandra Tordová
Music: Vlado Holina, Laco Graus, Ennio Morricone
Singing: Sandra Tordová
Set: Vlado Holina
Costume design: Veronika Keresztesová
Light design: Slavomír Šmálik
Production: RESERVA, o.z.
Financially supported by: Art Support Fund, Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, RESERVA.


Trailer to the production can be found at this link.
Author: Marcel Pazman

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