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Dancer and choreographer Jana Tereková established herself and caught the attention of the professional public owing to her participation in numerous dance and dance-theatre projects (with the participation of eminent Slovak and international choreographers and directors). Apart from Slovakia, the projects were presented in Germany, France, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. In 2011, she won the audience award at the Solo Duo festival in Budapest. Tereková received her dance education during her long stay at the Centre National de la Danse in Paris.

She is the founding member of the BEES-R civic association which focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance. Since its foundation, the association produced a whole series of projects that generated precious and unique cooperation between prominent international and Slovak artists. The projects included, for example, the multi-genre production MIRRORING (2017) that creatively integrated dance, poetry and light design; the dance production CREATION (2013), formally as well as in terms of content based on Michal Habaj’s poetic text from his books The Roots of Heaven and Michal Habaj; the multimedia production EXPLORING PHENOMENA (2012) offering an analysis of the phenomena that surround people by means of dance, music, video and digital poetry; the production SEE (2012) in which dance movement is interconnected with sophisticated sound compositions by Swiss musician Silas Bieri and with simple, emotional power of songs by Italian lyricist and musician Massimo Giangrande; as well as dance productions Imago (2014) and Debody (2012).


Description of her work:

Jana Tereková’s work can be most aptly described as multi-genre art. This applies also to her intimate solo projects. It is because of Tereková’s approach, which is typical for its intellectual multi-layered structure and the complexity of the author’s view. She inclines to contemporary poetry forms, which significantly influences the dramaturgical context of her dance productions. Tereková creates an inspirational and artistic symbiosis of movement, text, music and image. The complexity of her artistic point of view, alongside with her interpretational qualities establish a delicate combination which is significant for her art.



A multimedia dance production with experimental movement solo dynamically linked to contemporary poetry by Zuzana Husárová and organic electronic music by Joseph Champagnon. There are magical visual moments in which meaning is multiplied and shifted in a vibrating mirroring. Tereková creates lines of variations of her body on the edge of acrobatic deformation, just to compose it into the space again, this time with precise articulation. This proves the quality and exactness of her performative movement as well as her control over the fast dynamic of movement. The vital smoothness of her dance and the ability to accelerate immediately is reminiscent of the movement of beasts in nature. The stage space created by Ján Ptačin uses mirror surfaces and therefore becomes a space that displays multi-dimensional images of imperfection, beauty and lightness. There are magical visual moments in which meaning is multiplied and shifted in a vibrating mirroring. This confrontation of beauty and the bending of its definition allow the audience to find the freedom of opinion. Zuzana Husárová’s pulsating verses create a verbalized rhythm and the poetry cuts the reality into tiny pieces of meditations about its nature. The visual moments quiver in the premise of the mirror – what you borrow, you should also return.


Choreography and dance: Jana Tereková
Music: Joseph Champagnon, using the songs by Batatunde Olatunji
Text and voice: Zuzana Husárová
Stage and lighting design: Ján Ptačin
Costume design: Gabriela Paschová
Production: Veronika Malgot and Jana Tereková


Trailer to the production can be found at this link.
Author: Richard Chomo

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